What happens when sports go “virtual”? probably, when you hear about sport, you immediately think of traditional sports, those played in a real stadium and followed by TV interviews and talk shows on the topic.

Well, yes, most of times sport is like that. But many sport supporters already found out the comfort of receiving live notifications and news directly on their mobile phones or in the newsletter at the computer.

This means that traditional supporters are more and more confident with the online resources and sport platforms. And, if the public changes, then the sport itself begins to accept those changes and it develops in the same direction.

Social medias decide the top teams

According to a recent survey on online resources for sport and social media, it seems that the main social medias in the web play a relevant role in the determination of a team’s success. Just to mention an example: recently the Real Madrid and Barcelona soccer teams reached the top number one place as the world’s most popular sports teams on social media.

On social medias like Twitter most of the success of a team among the supporters is decided. Messages, comments and opinions are freely shared by each supporter and this helps revealing the true appreciation of a team among the public – which is, moreover, an international public.

Sport is fun, fun means game

If sport achieves a great success in the web, it’s not the case to think that other forms of fun don’t exist at all. In fact, fun means basically games and among the many games you can happen to find in the web, there are a few excellent titles, such as Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2.

Both games are available at Ladbrokes Games, the world’s top gaming company, at the page https://games.ladbrokes.com/en/games/slots/Bejeweled-2 .

Bejeweled 2 is a puzzle game, developed and released by PopCap Games, following the first version Bejeweled. More versions also were released: in 2004 Bejeweled 2 Deluxe was published as a Xbox 360 game and in 2009 Bejeweled 2 was also released as a Play Station 3 game.

A cool puzzle game, today going online

Today, with the enhancement and increasing quality of the IT, the Arcade Bejeweled 2 slot game is also available online. The game play is the same: the goal of the game is to swap each gem with the adjacent one to form a chain of 3 or more gems that features the same color.

Once this chain is created, it disappears while more gems go on falling from the top part of the display.

With Bejeweled 2 players can choose their favorite game mode by using the available options: classic, action, endless, blitz.  

Each game mode represents a variation of the Arcade mode, created in order to meet the expectations of more players. Moreover, with Ladbrokes you can choose to play Bejeweled 2 for free and when you learnt more about this game you can switch to the real mode and play for real money.