I woke up this morning to see a 4th installment of the Adrian Peterson Camp Story from Pro Football Talk and of course because I'm an unabashed Vikings homer, I clicked on the story just like I did the previous 2 reposts and read nothing new.

Then I saw a tweet from Ross Tucker to Pro Football Talk, "I'll buy you a burger some time if you find a way to get a 5th post out of the Peterson camp story." I have no doubt they will post at least 4 more stories rehashing the same story and all of us NFL deprived football fans will read those as well, hoping for new information.

I was shocked to see Pro Football Talk respond with a "? I can milk a cow until dust comes out. But I don't eat the cow, so you'll need an enticement other than a burger."

So, there you have it, PFT admits to milking stories and yet we will all continue to read them, hoping they provide us with new information.

In case PFT decides to remove that tweet later, here's a screenshot of the conversation.