You all know how you loved playing wii tennis when that came out?  Well imagine Wii tennis on steroids, with great graphics, then you have the essence of Top Spin 4.

The gameplay in Top Spin is great for a tennis game.  It feels like the old school Top Spin games that we all grew up loving, but has that extra emphisis on control and ball movement.

The roster for Top Spin 4 includes numerous tennis superstars such as Roddick, Nadal, and many others.  The game also includes classic tennis stars like Pete Sampras and Andres Agassi.  What's not to love about that?  Especially the classic Agassi Mullet.

Top Spin 4 has a simple controls, so just about anyone can play.  But those who master the controls can really control where the ball goes, precession, power, etc.  So the game can evolve around who his playing it, from beginner to expert, it is always challenging.

If you or just a beginner, or want to hone your virtual tennis skills you can go through the tennis academy to improve and learn the game. You can also have a career mode where you play as a superstar or create your own tennis superstar.

You can play an online singles / doubles match mode, which is a great way to find a good opponent.  But the cool thing about online mode is the Online World Tour.  You create a player,  play in weekly matches, and go through the online tennis rankings.  The online modes ad so much more value to the game.



Top Spin 4 offers an overall excellent game at all standpoints.  They offer a great single player option with competitive AI, as well as online multiplayer options online that give the game the long term value. Any tennis fan should go out and grab this game.  And if you are not a tennis fan, you will still enjoy it, trust me.  Top Spin 4 is well worth the buy.