MLB 2K11 is a game produce by 2K Sports and was released on March 8, 2011.


There were a number of improvements to this year's version of the game that have made the game much more realistic than the 2K10 version. The fielding has been immensely improved, the addition of a new throwing meter makes routine plays much easier to make. The pitching and batting modes are also improved and make for more realistic game play. You won't be able to hit a home run in each at bat and each hit feels like you worked to earn rather than the processor taking over and doing all the work for you.

The player management functionality in much improved over the 2K10 version. The game accurately represents how good players are and also determines their ability for future success. Franchise mode also has added features allowing you to manage your minor league teams and detailing trades and injuries more than in previous versions of the game.


Although there were numerous improvements to existing features from the 2K10 version there are few significant changes from 2K10 and at times it is difficult to tell if you are playing this year's version or if you slipped in last year's version by mistake


Overall, MLB 2K11 is a very good baseball game. If you love baseball you'll have a fun time playing your way through numerous seasons. Both the batting and pitching are difficult, so it's not easy to master the game in a matter of a few days. The graphics are definitely improved, but you won't be confusing this game with Crysis (graphically) this year. 7/10.