410 lb Former U.S. Sumo Champion Kelly Gneiting to run in the LA Marathon

Former U.S. Sumo Wrestling Champion, Kelly Gneiting will be running in the LA Marathon in March.  This large man is going to attempt a Guinness World Record for the "Heaviest Person to Complete a Marathon."

The current Guinnes World Record is 275 lbs, Gneiting should weigh in around 410 lbs.

Gneiting has been training daily, by jogging six miles on Saturdays, and walking to work.  He did complete the marathon back in 2008, when he weighed 430 lbs, but did not contact Guinness to record the race.  He completed the race in almost 11 hours and 52 minutes, not the ideal time for marathoners, he averaged about 2.2 MPH.

Gneiting is hoping to run about half the race and walk the rest. He hopes to finish in around 9-11 hours.

In order to break the Guinness record Gneiting has to be filmed the entire marathon, and must be weighed before and after the race.