Matchup Ryan M. Matt B. Winner
Tampa Bay Bucs
@ Atlanta Falcons
Falcons Falcons
Chicago Bears
@ Buffalo Bills
Bears Bills
New England Patriots
@ Cleveland Browns
Patriots Browns
New York Jets
@ Detroit Lions
Jets Lions
Arizona Cardinals
@ Minnesota Vikings
Vikings Vikings
New Orleans Saints
@ Carolina Panthers
Saints Saints
Miami Dolphins
@ Baltimore Ravens
Ravens Ravens
San Diego Chargers
@ Houston Texans
Texans Texans
New York Giants
@ Seattle Seahawks
Giants Giants
Kansas City Chiefs
@ Oakland Raiders
Chiefs Raiders
Indianapolis Colts
@ Philadelphia Eagles
Colts Colts
Dallas Cowboys
@ Green Bay Packers
Packers Packers
Pittsburgh Steelers
@ Cincinnati Bengals
Bengals Steelers
Final Score 7-4
Overall Record 64-53 67-50

Lock of the Week:

Ryan: Vikings - Even though the Vikings have had a ton of  Moss / coach related drama this week.  They should be able to beat the Cardinals.  Skol Vikings!

Last Week: Chiefs (Record: 7-1)

Matt: Giants - The Seahawks are the worst 4-3 team in the history of the NFL (My opinion, not fact or anything)

Last Week: Jets (Record: 6-2)

Upset Special

Ryan: Bengals - The Bengals are at home, and are in desperate need of a win.  They should be able to get something going on offense, if Palmer is able to throw the ball.  But I think I just have something against the Steelers.

Last Week: Panthers (Record: 2-6)

Matt: Lions - The Lions defense is playing well and despite being 5-2, the Jets haven't played that well

Last Week: Lions (Record: 4-4)

Coming into this week records were Ryan 64-53 Matt 67-50