Brad Childress throws Brett Favre under the bus following his 3 INT performance against the Packers. Childress says Brett needs to "play within the confines of our system". I agree with what Childress is saying, but at some point this needs to come back to him. Giving up on the 2nd half with 24 seconds left couldn't have been a worse call. You need to keep Randy Moss happy. We all know what happens when Moss isn't happy.

Another thing I want Childress to honestly answer is why is Toby Gerhardt playing 20 snaps a game, especially in crunch time? Gerhardt could be a good player at some point, but Adrian Peterson is a top 2 running back in this league and can't be on the sideline on the final drive of the game.

I've been saying this for years now, but Brad Childress needs to be fired. I can't think of a coach in the NFL who is worse than him. If you can think of any let me know.