We just finished week 2, and there are already quarterbacks losing their jobs. Some are due to poor play, some are due to injury.  Is it early to hit the panic button?  Let's take a look.

Carolina Panthers - Rookie QB Jimmy Clausen is getting the nod this week over Matt Moore.  Moore has been terrible so far this year,  he has 4 INTs, 2 lost fumbles, and only 307 yards in 2 games.  I think this is a good move by the Panthers, even though they will still keep losing with Clausen.  It at least gives the fans hope.

Buffalo Bills - Ryan Fitzpatrick will be getting the start over Trent Edwards. Bills head coach Chan Gailey said that he is "looking for a spark". I don't know if this is the right move to make a spark. Statistically Edwards and Fitzpatrick are about the same. Edwards went to Standford, Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. So I think Gailey looked at that and said, 'I think Harvard is better, Lets go with that one'. He has made terrible coaching decisions so far, so this isn't really any different. The quarterbacks are about the same, Harvard is better, but don't expect the Bills to start winning anytime soon because of this.

Philadelphia Eagles - Kevin Kolb is coming back from his concussion and Andy Reid is giving him his starting QB position back.  This is a hard call, Michael Vick has been doing good the past two games, and Kolb really hasn't proven much over his career, mostly because he hasn't gotten the chance.  I expect the Eagles to use Vick a little more, and Kolb might be on a shorter leash than he was before the season starts.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Dennis Dixon tore his lateral meniscus cartilage, and will be out for at least three weeks.  Charlie  Batch played for the injured Dixon while he was out Sunday.  I expect him to get the starting nod over recently re-signed Byron Leftwich.  Mostly because Leftwich is just terrible.  Only 2 QBS are on the Steelers roster as they wait for Big Ben to come back from his suspension.  But who needs a QB when you have a defense that can do this:

Almost there:

Oakland Raiders: Jason Campbell was benched in favor of Bruce Gradkowski last week after poor play over the last two games. If the Raiders were smart they would just stick with Mediocre Campbell, he should do better than mediocre Gradkowski. They haven't made their decision yet, but I think that is just to fool the Arizona Cardinals defense.

Tenneesee Titans - Vince Young was benched this week after throwing 2 INTs had fumbling twice vs the Steelers. Can you really blame him for that? The Steelers defense is possessed. Kerry Collins came in and didn't do much better, he had 1 INT and 2 fumbles. The Titans have already have announced that Young is their starting Quarterback, I expect him to be all year long.

Cleveland Browns - Seneca Wallace was in for an injured Jake Delhomme (high ankle sprain). I expect Wallace to play for at least another week, if he can pull out a win vs the Ravens, he might win the job.