Week 4 of the NFL is almost here, how many people thought that the Steelers, Chiefs, and the Bears would be 3-0?  Not many.  Maybe fan's of those respective teams.  Must see games of the week are Ravens - Steelers, Eagles - Redskins, and Patriots - Dolphins.

Matchup Ryan M. Matt B. Winner
San Francisco 49ers
@ Atlanta Falcons
Falcons Falcons Falcons
New York Jets
@ Buffalo Bills
Jets Jets Jets
Cincinnati Bengals
@ Cleveland Browns
Browns Browns Browns
Detroit Lions
@ Green Bay Packers
Packers Packers Packers
Denver Broncos
@ Tennessee Titans
Broncos Titans Broncos
Seattle Seahawks
@ St. Louis Rams
Rams Rams Rams
Carolina Panthers
@ New Orleans Saints
Saints Saints Saints
Baltimore Ravens
@ Pittsburgh Steelers
Ravens Ravens Ravens
Houston Texans
@ Oakland Raiders
Texans Texans Texans
Indianapolis Colts
@ Jacksonville Jaguars
Colts Colts Jaguars
Washington Redskins
@ Philadelphia Eagles
Eagles Redskins Redskins
Arizona Cardinals
@ San Diego Chargers
Chargers Chargers Chargers
Chicago Bears
@ New York Giants
Giants Bears Giants
New England Patriots
@ Miami Dolphins
Dolphins Patriots
Final Score 11-2 10-3
Overall Record 23-23 36-25 Ryan

Lock of the Week:

Ryan: Packers - The Lions are a good team, but I don't see them beating the pack at home. Especially since the Packers just got handed their first loss.  I expect them to bounce back and beat down the Lions.

Last Week: Vikings (Record: 3-0)

Matt: Saints - The Panthers are horrible and I couldn't have been more wrong on them coming into the season.

Last Week: Patriots (Record: 3-0)

Upset Special

Ryan: Browns - They haven't won a game this year, but they really aren't as bad as their record.  Hillis goes crazy, and carries the Browns on his back to their first victory.

Last Week: Bucs (Record: 1-2)

Matt: Rams - The Seahawks are terrible and could win their division with 7 wins, but the Rams are at home and Mark Clayton is in beast mode.

Last Week: Panthers (Record: 1-2)