LeGarrett Blount punched another player in the head, this time it was his teammate.

Tennessee Titans rookie running back threw a punch at teammate Eric Bakhtiari after having his helmet ripped off. Lucky for Bakhtiari, his helmet was still on when he was punched in the head.

Blount was the was carrying the ball, his helmet got ripped off, the whistle blew and he ran into the end zone. There was a brief shoving match between players. Blount walked by and Bakhtiari whispered something in his ear, soon after Bakhtiari was clocked in the face mask. But that wasn't the first time Blount has punched a player in football. While at Oregon State Blount threw a punch at Boise State linebacker Byron Hout after the losing a game.

Blount immediately apologized to Titans coach Jeff Fisher, saying he promised to put this behind him. Fisher accepted the apology.

"I am not disappointed whatsoever," Jeff Fisher said. "His past is his past. I have great confidence in the young man that he has learned from his mistake and is very competitive."

He was suspended most of the season for the Boise State punch, probably won't even miss a practice for this punch. Players get riled up over nothing, they push, the shove, they punch, it is all part of the game.

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Blount needs to not let things get to him. If he ever plays in an NFL game he will have a target on his back. They will call him a pussy, they will eat at him, they will probably look up his girlfriends name. He has to let this stuff roll off his back, otherwise he isn't going to last long.