This list is based off of where I have players ranked and where they are going overall. This doesn't mean the player will be terrible and you shouldn't draft him. It means based on where I think they should be going the players are going too high or too low. Saying Chad Henne is undervalued and Tom Brady is overvalued doesn't mean take Henne over Brady it means the value you get taking Henne 10 rounds later is better than Brady's value in the 2nd round.


Tony Romo - He's currently going as the 7th overall QB, he is our 3rd rated QB

Chad Henne - He's our 14th quarterback, he's being drafted 19th

Jason Campbell - 17th in our rankings, 23rd in ADP

Matt Forte - No player is primed for a better come back year. 18th in our rankings, being drafted 21st among RBs

Ricky Williams - He should be taken 2 rounds ahead of his current 6th round drafting

Fred Jackson - He's the 42nd RB being taken and he's a starter. I don't get it

Roddy White - Should be taken a round earlier than he currently is, 16th-20th overall.

Hines Ward - No one at your draft will say nice pick, but he's good or 4 catches every week.

Jermichael Finley - He's been moving up draft boards, but he's still only the 6th tight end being taken. He will finish in the top 2


Matt Schaub - Currently going as the 5th QB, he is our 7th rated

Tom Brady - 4th overall QB taken, he's our 6th QB

Mark Sanchez - currently being drafted as the 18th overall QB, he's 23rd in our rankings

Maurice Jones-Drew - We had him as the 7th overall RB before his injury and he's being drafted as the 3rd overall RB

Pierre Thomas - He's being drafted as the 16th overall RB, for a player who hasn't had 200 carries since high school that's a stretch

C.J. Spiller - He's being taken ahead of Fred Jackson by 45 picks! Fred Jackson will be one of the best values of this draft

Reggie Wayne - His production severely dropped off the 2nd half of last year and he's still being taken as the 4th overall WR

Mike Sims-Walker - He had 7 weeks where he scored 2 or less points and one week with 4. That's not good

DeSean Jackson - His value was heavily tied to his long TDs last year and he's being taken ahead of Greg Jennings and both Steve Smiths. That's crazy.

Vernon Davis - No TE has had back to back double digit TD years except Antonio Gates in 2004-2005. His TDs will drop to 7 or 8 minimum