Jets are thinking about trading Darrelle Revis?  I guess if you don't want to pay the man then you might as well trade him.  You can get a first rounder for him, and maybe another corner in return?   [via PFT]

Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg gave up six runs tonight after coming back from the DL?  Chances that he get's shut down for the year are 78.2%? [via Yahoo Sports]

Tracy McGrady signed a 1 year deal with the Piston?  That's a weird place to sign, you would think he would want to try to sign with a contender?  If he wanted to goto a terrible team he should have went to the Cavs and been a savior? [via ESPN]

Braylon Edwards doesn't have anything good to say about Cleveland? Way to kick a city while they are down. Dick. [via Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Madden 11 Review? Madden 11 came out today, I have yet to pick up my copy, so I guess I will be playing the demo again tonight.  We did giveaway a copy, because well, that's just the sort of guys we are? [via IGN]

A Jet Blue flight attendant goes crazy on a passenger? All he had to do was say he was sorry, but instead he was stuck on the tarmac longer? [via USA Today]

Face-butt goal?

If the Dumb and Dumber trailer was like Inception: