Alright, I haven't done the Daily Spin for a few days, my bad.  I made this one extra special to make up for the days I missed.

Side Note:  I know that there have been a lot of NFL Injuries lately, and we haven't really covered them.  We are making a special post for all of them.  I am just trying to find the time to put all the information together.

BYU is going rouge in football, they going to join Notre Dame and be part of the  independent league.  What a cop out.  I hate you Notre Dame. [via USA Today]

Is this the most powerful man in sports? Good article on Worldwide Wes on GQ? Love the intro where he was on the court during the Artest fight?[via GQ]

100 Awesome College Football Traditions? Yes, Herky the Hawkeye is on there. [via Lost Letterman]

Lou Gehrig may not of had Lou Gehrig's disease?. Yankee great Lou Gehrig may not have had the motor-neuron disorder that was famously named after him?  Now what the hell do we call it?!?  [via TIME]

Top 50 Sports Jerks - You get two guesses to see who is at number one, nah, it's too easy, you only get one guess. Yes, you are correct. [via CBS Sports]

Highlights of GQ interview with LeBron - He grew up hating Cleveland, that had to make his Decision easier? [via GQ]

NFL considering ball tracking in Footballs? Brilliant idea, but how will they execute it?  Will there be a guy upstairs that says ball stopped on the 29?  Will it be for review only? Answer my questions damnit! [via Wired]

Bobby Thomson, famous for the shot heard 'round the world, died at the age of 86? One of the best baseball stories ever? [via ESPN]

This is a NFL Super Fan.

This is Not.