Colt McCoy could be on the verge of being cut in Cleveland.  The Browns have one of the worst Quarterback situations in the NFL, and Colt McCoy may not even make the team.  Is he really that bad?  Is he having that much trouble adjusting to the pro game?  Maybe he is just dogging it so he can be cut and join a different team.  Because really, if you were one of the best QBs in college would you want to join the Browns?  The only thing that Colt likes about the Browns are probably the colors.

McCoy isn't even on the Browns current depth chart:

  1. Jake Delhomme
  2. Seneca Wallace
  3. Brett Ratliff

Is Brett Ratliff the future of the Browns? Because that is really what a 3rd quarterback should be.  Someone who you think would be a starter in 2-4 years after you groom them.  You don't want to have two veteran backups ala Minnesota, but that is a different rant.

I have no problem with Jake Delhomme or Seneca Wallace starting with the Browns over the next few years. Delhomme has some head issues, but he has talent, and Seneca is one of the best back ups out there. He could be ready to step up to a starting role.

It could all just be a ploy to get McCoy to step up and become the player he should be.  Either way the future doesn't look great for McCoy he is either a Brown, or he is being cut by the Browns.  Neither look good on your resume.

The Browns have had some problems with star QBs coming out of college.  Maybe it's not the players, maybe it's the Browns. Nah, I don't like Notre Dame (Brady Quinn), let's call it the players.

I don't think Colt McCoy is going anywhere, because I don't think the Browns will cut him.  They would be stupid if they did because he would be picked up in a heartbeat.  Give McCoy a couple of years and he will be a starter, he has to be he has a sweet QB name.

John Gruden thinks he could be the next Drew Brees, I think Gruden probably knows what he is talking about:

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