The Arizona Cardinals announced that Derek Anderson will start the third preseason game instead of Matt Leinart.  The Cardinals are either desperate or trying to make a statement to Matt Leinart.

Leinart failed to get a first down in the second preseason game, and really isn't looking that good.  I can't say that Anderson is looking much better.

To give them both the benefit of the doubt they haven't had the best support from their teammates.  On many of their drives there have been crucial mistakes that botch the plays.

But either way, it was Leinart's job to begin with, but he hasn't really proven why he should keep it.  On the otherside it is Derek Anderson's job for the taking, but he hasn't give any reason why he should take it away from Leinart.  But that could change since Derek Anderson is starting this week.

I am not sure that either of them are a good choice for the Cardinals.  Kurt Warner has said repeatedly that he isn't coming out of retirement.  Too bad for the Cardinals. Is Jake Plummer still available?

Just for kicks, What Leinart could accomplish at one point and his life:

And Derek Anderson's Pro Bowl year: