Brett Favre is officially back. I was predicting he would be back in week 3, but week 2 is right on par with last year. He has a system and  he works it to a T.

I am glad Brett Favre is back. I am glad he is leading the Minnesota Vikings this year. He gives the Vikings the best chance to win, and the best chance at a Super Bowl. I am also glad that the circus is over and football season can officially start.

The Brad Childress portion of the press conference was boring and not funny at all.  Childress Looks like a pedophile again. He shaved the beard and is just going for the I love little children mustache again.  He might want to consider bringing the beard back, he has a better personality and it gives him the non-creepy pedophile look.

Seriously, he looks just like the Pedophile/ killer that was in the movie "Lovely Bones".

Anyway the player we hate to love is back, we can all sleep better at night again.  Unless you live next to Brad Childress.