Jared Dudley on Twitter announced today:

Breaking News!!! My sources tell me Lebron will announce that he will be goin to the NY KNICKS tomorrow on ESPN.. This is serious.. WOW!!!!

Then Jared followed that up with this tweet:

That's what I'm hearing.. I don't care where he goes lol.. I personally thought he would stay in Cleveland..

Now anyone can post on their twitter account that they know where LeBron is going, but this seems especially newsworthy because former Phoenix Sun Amar'e Stoudemire signed with the Knicks on Monday and may have been the source for the LeBron is going to the Knicks news. Now that last sentence is purely speculation on my part, but it would definitely make since.

LeBron will make an official announcement on Thursday, but I expect the news will leak out before his press conference at 9 EST.