Minnesota Vikings' DE Jared Allen sat down with Ed Werder at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship to answer a few questions.  He talked about his mullet, his marriage, and Brett Favre.

First of all Allen's mullet is gone, and it is a very sad thing to see.  Second of all, Allen says he isn't tamed (I like to call it whipped), but he did cut his mullet.  That is the one thing he said he would never do.  But he is still a bad ass, so we will give him a pass on that one.

Finally Allen had a few comments on Brett Favre.  He said that he thinks that Favre will be  coming back because he hasn't said 'no'.  Allen said he doesn't care when he shows up for training camp, Favre has 20 years in the league, and they should get a free pass after that.  Allen also argued how Adrian Peterson probably isn't even vested yet, so he has to goto camp.  I agree with both of these statements. Plus Favre is recovering from injury so technically he isn't camp ready, sort of.

Favre will get his mechanics down throwing to trainers, high schoolers, and eventually his WRs.  But he won't be working out at camp for that long.

Oh, and didn't Jared Allen promise something to Favre if he came back next year?

“Everything but my backside loves you, but if you come back, I will let you slap my rear end every single day. In no way gay at all, but I will take that stinging pain and I will eat it every day.”

I don't think Favre will forget about that one.
[via ESPN]