The Denver Broncos signed first round pick Tim Tebow.  Reports from earlier this week said that Former Florida QB Tim Tebow wanted to make more money than the 24th pick  Dez Bryant, and he got that. Dez Bryant is probably kicking himself right about now.

According to Adam Schefter  Tim Tebow's deal has a max value of $33 million. It is a five-year, $11.25 million deal that includes $8.7 million guaranteed.

If the contract gets maxed out that is almost 22 Million more overall and .2 G more than Dez Bryant (5 years, $11.8M; $8.5M G), the 24th pick of the draft.

Last years 25th pick, Vontae Davis, received a  5 year $13.25M $7.55M G deal.

Kyle Orton, the "starting" QB for the Broncos is one of the lowest paid QBs in the league,  last year he made ~ $1M.  Anyone feel like Tim Tebow will  start this year?

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Tim Tebow Highlights:

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