Daily Spin is actually on time today.  I am pumped for Hangover 2, but don't try to set your expectations too high sequels are usually worse than the originals.  Proven fact.

Least hyped players in baseball?  Yes, there are two Royals players on the list, I couldn't be prouder? [via SI]

The NCAA is probing everyone, they are really cracking down.  Their Latest probe is last year's Heisman winner Alabama RB Mark Ingram.  College players beware, the NCAA is trying to clean itself up?[via TMZ]

Former Ravens FB Dies after surgery? Sad to see someone go at such a young age, he was only 36.  RIP.   [via Baltimore Sun]

Former Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson to be on Survivor? Really? Survivor?  Can't you just get a part time job or something? How much money do you owe people?  Maybe you could be a consultant for a team, something other than survivor? [via ESPN]

3 Masked men robbed Bobcats' Stephen Jackson's home? His wife was held up by gunpoint, a few items were stolen? [via Fanhouse]

Hangover 2 confirmed? It will take place in Thailand? It will have a hard time living up to the original, but it will still be funny? [via examiner]

Flo Rida -  We Already Won - New song by Flo Rida's about LeBron James coming to Miami.