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I Lost a Boss Today? The quick story of a guy who interned for the Yankees?  Pretty good read,  reminds me more of Seinfeld George Steinbrenner than anything. [ via Sparty and Friends]

Lawrence Taylor pleads not guilty to rape? So does that mean he pleads guilty to doing "some other kind of  business" in front of a prostitute? [via USA Today]

Derek Fisher to stay a Laker?  He thought about becoming a sellout and joining the Heat, but then he realized he has just as good of a chance winning in the West? [via LA Times]

Suns Trade for Josh Childress and Hedo Turkoglu?  I'm not sure if trading for the amount of salary that Amare would have made is a good or bad move.  Turkoglu could be solid, and Childress is promising, but they still don't have the presnece of Amare (when he is on top of his game).  Hopefully they can pick it up on the defensive side that Amare didn't have, and Nash will help make up for the rest?  [via AZ Republic]

Back, Back, Back, Back, Back - Why watching the Home Run Derby is pointless until the bring in a soccer announcer? [ via Deadspin]

Kick Ass Lego Gun Fight: