It has been somewhat of a slow news day for us so I am releasing the Daily Spin a little early, enjoy. Hopefully I will get a few other articles up by the end of the day.  Come on first round signings!

Chris Coghlan was injured while trying to smash a shaving-cream pie in the face of Wes Helms, who had the game winning walk-off single. [via MLB]

ESPN's "Outside the Lines" reviewed health department inspection reports for food and beverage outlets at all 107 North American arenas and stadiums of the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA teams in 2009?  You might think twice before getting a hamburger at a game, not just because of the price? [ via ESPN]

Now After Reading the story above, find the best food in MLB Ball Parks, but check the inspection sheet first? [via]

NFL players and personnel that are under pressure?  [via Yahoo Sports]

Jets are looking into Terrell Owens?  I think the chances of him going to the Jets are small, but he could be a good pick up to replace the suspended Santonio Holmes the first 4 weeks? I am still hoping for Cincy so we can get Ocho Uno!  [ via ESPN]

Tennessee Titans sue Lane Kiffin for luring assistant to USC? What?  A USC coach doing something that us unethical?  That is unheard of! [via Yahoo Sports]

Best Hockey Fight Ever! If that mom wouldn't have broken it up?

CF-18 Plane Crash, I saw this over the weekend and I forgot to include it on yesterday's Daily Spin.  The Pilot Survived.  Amazing.