The Daily Spin is going strong, thanks everyone for reading/watching/clicking/breathing?  The NCAA is cracking down on a number of players? Obviously some officials just saw the movie 'Blue Chips'?

Lou Piniella will retire as Cubs manager at the end of this season? Maybe he just can't take the stress anymore, I mean he did get kicked out of  a few games?  [via Suntimes]

Former ESPN Analyst Jeremy Green pleaded not guilty to Child Porn Charges?  Apparently I  missed this headline on ESPN, where they said Green is no longer employed with ESPN. I'm surprised they even had that.  Green's bond is set at a ridiculous 750k, makes me wonder what the hell they found on his computer?   [via Courant]

NHL Rejected the 17-year, $102 million contract that Ilya Kovalchuk signed with the Devils on the grounds it circumvents the league's salary cap. [via The Star Ledger]

Bill Murray GQ Interview? Non Sports related, but it is still a good Q&A.  Ghostbusters 3 doesn't sound like it is happening?. [ via GQ]

This kid traded his old iPhone in on craiglist, and traded his way up to a Porche? That kid made something out of nothing.  Pretty good profit on an old iPhone that most people would sell for a couple hundred dollars?  [via Jalopnik]

New USC AD, Reggie Bush Heisman returned? Weird, if you get a free car you get your Heisman revoked, kill a few people you still get your Heisman.. [via ESPN]

Minnesota Wild prospect Jarod Palmer had this crazy shot at a scrimmage? Watch it a few times if you don't see it? Pretty Slick.