Charles Barkley Voices his opinion on LeBron James' Decision? Barkley's insight is always the best. [via Sports Radio Interview]

Dwyane Wade defending LeBron, saying he didn't quit? It would be weird if Wade didn't defend LeBron? [via ESPN]

The 2010 Orange Bowl – Iowa vs. Georgia Tech – almost had as many TV viewers as the MLB All-Star game?  The population of Iowa is roughly 3 million? 10 Million people tuned in for the Orange Bowl? I blame Georgia Tech.  [via Gazette Online]

Erin Andrews is suing the Marriott?  Most people would have sued for an atrocious amount of money, like $10 million, and hope that it would settle for less out of court. This report says she is suing the Marriot for only $50k, I guess she is probably thinking about her career by only suing for a small amount.  [via Sun Time]

11 New QB - Reiceiving Combos for the 2010 Season? I am looking forward to Henne and Marshall, they should be able to get the Fins going? [via]

Washington DC Had an Earthquake Last Night? Weird earthquakes don't normally happen in DC? What year is it 2010?  OMG we only have a year and half until 2012!!! [via Washington Post]

Apple will be will be holding a press conference today due to the iPhone  antenna problems they have been having.  Follow it on Engadget?  I can't wait for the iPhone to be on Verizon.  Maybe that will be the announcement today?