Chris Paul wants to be Traded.  He doesn't think that the New Orleans Hornets are going to be a contender in the upcoming years, so he wants out.  His top choice would be to join the New York Knicks. There he would be the star in the biggest market, and would have a decent chance at competing against Miami's big three.

Orlando would be the second choice on Chris Paul's list.  He would be able to join Dwight Howard and instantly become a contender for the NBA Championship.

Chris Paul's Perfect Scenario would be to join Amare Stoudemire in New York, and bring in Carmelo Anthony to complete their own threesome.  They would then be able to compete  against the trio in Miami.

A report from said Paul saw what James did in signing to play alongside Wade and Bosh and has designs on doing something similar.

Paul and his representatives are expected to meet with the Hornets within the next week.  If they can not give him a team that will provide him with a chance to win, then he will be asked to be traded to a contender.

The short list includes the following teams:

1. Knicks
2. Magic
3. Lakers
4. Portland
5. Dallas

If I was Chris Paul I would also put the Bulls, Celtics, and Suns on the list.  Any team that need just one more player to put them over the edge would be ideal.  Chris Paul has 2 years left before he can opt out of his contract, so the Hornets don't need to meet his demands.

Nobody really want's a disgruntled player on their team, so they should sell him off to the highest bidder.