Dwyane Wade will stay with the Miami Heat, and it looks like he gains Chris Bosh as a teammate.  Chris Bosh will sign a 5 year contract for $96 million.  He has the opportunity to earn $126 Million if he does a sign and trade with his former team.  The Heat are going to be crazy this year with Bosh and Wade, a way better combo than Shaq and Wade.

It sounds like Chris Bosh wanted to join LeBron, but just not in Cleveland.  So what does this mean for LeBron?  Well, he said he was going to make his decision and announce it to the world on Thursday.  Maybe Miami signing Bosh is a sign that LeBron was going to stay in Cleveland.  Maybe LeBron won't want to stay in Cleveland now because he doesn't have any good support.  LeBron is running low on solid free agents to join him in Cleveland.  The Suns could really use someone to replace Amare?..

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[via ESPN]