Albert Haynesworth has failed his conditioning test two days in a row and therefore has missed the last two practices. To pass the test Haynesworth has to run a 300 yard shuttle - back and forth 25 yards a time. He has to run the drill twice with a 3:30 break in between. The first shuttle must be ran in 70 seconds and the second one in 73 seconds.

Fox 5's Lindsay Murphy ran the first sprint in 68 seconds, but ran the second in 81 seconds.

After hearing this news I jogged over to the nearest football field to see how difficult this was. I'm 6'2″ 205 pounds, I would consider myself in decent shape, but definitely not superb shape. I ran the first drill in 62 seconds and the second in 66 seconds. If I had a video camera that wasn't on my phone I would record this. Can I race Haynesworth for his contract?