The Pac-10 has invited Utah to join their conference, and the Utes are going to accept according to a ESPN source.  This is the Pac-10's backup plan since they couldn't land a 16 team mega conference with Texas.

The Mountain West Conference will now lose a strong team after just gaining Boise State last week.  Sad News for the MWC, they were positioning themselves to becoming a very strong conference, and gaining a BCS bid.

I wonder if Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, is still going to be a strong supporter of a playoff system?  He was always trying to get the MWC into the BCS, will he still fight for the MWC cause? Well he does.  He plans to meet with the US Department of Justice in July to discuss the unfairness of the BCS.

"We're convinced the system as set up is anti-competitive," he said. "It goes way beyond the University of Utah."

Utah still has another strong football school in BYU to fight for, so they can't just give up the fight.

Utah will fit the Pac-10 well, I like the move.  They are strong enough to compete against the top Pac-10 schools in both football and basketball.  Don't be surprised when they are near the top of the Pac-10 every year.

Update: Utah Officially Joins the Pac-10 Pac-12