LaDainian Tomlinson hasn't played one snap with the Jets and he already has a Jet's Tattoo.  His Tattoo mirrors the one that he had while he played for the Chargers (different leg).   The word on the street is that LT isn't really impressing at camp.  Oh and this just came out yesterday, Shonn Greene will be the forefront of the backfield.  Apparently LT didn't know that when he got this tattoo.

LTs Tattoo: 2010 - ??

So I assume he wants to end his career as a Jet.  But what if he doesn't even make the cut this year?  2010-2010?  Or if he switches teams or gets traded over the next couple years?  Will he add another Tattoo?  The rule should be play for a team at least one year before getting that tattoo, then you don't look like such an idiot.