Seattle Seahawk's Rookie Golden Tate was caught with sticky fingers. He and a friend went through the back door of a Top Pot while the night bakers were taking out the trash. Apparently they stole some Maple Bars and one of the baker's keys. They keys were returned, but the maple bars were no more.

The police gave Tate a trespass warning, which is weird, because if I went into a donut shop at 3 am and had the cops called on me, I would probably goto jail, or at least gotten a ticket. Those are some pretty lenient laws in Bellevue, Washington. Or maybe it is because Top Pot just became the sponsor of the Seahawk's Stadium.

Tate said he was very embarrassed has since apologized for the incident.

[Maple Bars] "They are irresistible" was his first response, he then added "The police just kind of said 'don't do it again,' which I won't. It was a "foolish mistake. But, if you ever want maple bars, that's the place to go."

Pete Carroll can only agree that the Maple Bars were irresistable

"No, I'm not disappointed at a guy being at a doughnut shop at 3 in the morning when they got maple bars like Top Pot has. However, under the circumstances, I think they were closed or something like that, trying to close, or whatever. That's definitely wrong. We've talked about it, addressed it. He's remorseful and all that. I do understand the lure of the maple bars."

What?!?!  Maple Bars are irresistible?!?!  You understand the lure?!?  I just became a fan of the Seahawks, because these are ridiculous statements.

The Former Notre Dame Receiver can't just go around and steal food from the places he lived above.  Probably a habit he gained in college living above the Jimmy Johns or Papa Johns.

TMZ dropped the story and has obtained a copy of the baker's 911 call.  This story has only strengthened my hunger for donuts this morning.

mmmmmm Maple Bars....