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New Orleans Hornets' Chris Paul Open to Trade? Pretty much stating he wants out and wants to be on a winning team [via ESPN]

Iron Mike Tyson is now on Twitter, follow @MikeTyson, or get punched in the face

Tracy McGrady want's to sign with the Lakers? Who doesn't?  [via Belmont]

Carolina Panther's Steve Smith will be out 10 weeks for breaking his arm in his YMCA flag football league..  Maybe Tony Romo will start to rethink joining every single rec league available. [via The Sporting News]

NHL Announces Schedule? Millions Thousands of Hockey across the US rejoice [via NHL.com]

A look at the different shapes of outdoor MLB baseball parks? It's missing Indoor stadiums, and new Twins Stadium?  Bust still is pretty damn cool.  Can someone please create a fancy interactive version? [ via snippets]

Khloé Kardashian bought Lakers' Lamar Odom a brand-new Rolls Royce for winning the NBA Championship [ via E! online]

Why won't they let me do this at the Rose Bowl?