Another edition of the Daily Spin?  3 days strong? I am probably not going to do it on the weekends so get your fix until Monday.

Bill Clinton Drinking with Bocanegra after the big win over Algeria?  Makes me proud to be an American [via @lukewinn]

Portland Trail Blazers fired their GM before the Draft, yet het still ran the draft. [via ESPN]

Favre said he would love to beat the the Saints? He is in luck since they play the Saints in the first game of the season.  We all know he is coming back, he just loves the attention.  [via Sun Herald]

Isner wins the longest tennis match ever, then loses in 2nd round?  All of that work for nothing, what a waste of time and energy! [via Sporting News]

France and Italy miss the cut for the 2nd round of the World Cup? Soccer is like the main sport in those countries isn't it?  That sucks.  [via NY Times]

Micheal Jackson died one year ago today? Expect to see MJ highlights all weekend long.