According to Chris Mortensen Brett Favre had ankle surgery this morning in Gulf Breeze, FL. Performed by Dr. James Andrews.

After seeing pictures of his ankle, I don't think anyone was remotely surprised to hear he needed surgery and I hope no one is surprised he had the surgery. If you need the surgery to play football you probably need the surgery to live a good life.

The main goal of the procedure was to clean up scar tissue and allow Favre a better range of motion, according to sources. It is likely Favre will need 4-6 weeks of rehab before he can being a running program. I'm guessing Favre won't do much until the preseason games start though.

Since the Vikings chose to do nothing with their QB situation this off season (well, they did draft Joe Webb, who can jump really high) I hope this means Favre is coming back, but what that really ever in doubt?