NY/NJ Will host the XLVIII Super Bowl In 2014.  The game will be at the New Meadowlands Stadium that is shared by the  Giants and the Jets.

It's going to be a cold Super Bowl, with the average temperature in East Rutherford being about 30 degrees.  I used to have to deal with -50 degree (with windchill) winters in Iowa so 30 degrees really isn't that bad to me.  But the average of 30 degrees in East Rutherford probably isn't including the windchill.  I live in Arizona now, and don't have to deal with the cold, so I think it is a good idea for a cold weather Super Bowl (plus I probably am not going to be there).   I've always wanted to see a snow Super Bowl or Snow Bowl Game, but I thought it would never happen.

There is the risk that there will be a blizzard and the Super Bowl will be delayed.  But there is a risk of rain or earthquakes at other locations as well.

The biggest risk is that the game is going to be a 6 - 7 final score and it will be the worst super bowl ever.  But there are playoff games in January so I am pretty sure teams can play football in the cold.  They just don't want to.

If this is successful, maybe there will be a cold super bowl every few years.  I wouldn't mind that as long as I'm not going.