In case you missed it Jon Gruden was on a sportscenter special where he interviewed 4 of the top QBs in this years' class. Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen and Tim Tebow. You can check out excerpts of each of the videos at the links below as well as my thoughts on each players' video.

Sam Bradford - I thought Bradford answered questions well, I think the Rams have made their mind up already and I think this helps reinforce their decision to draft him.

Colt McCoy - I thought McCoy did the best of all the QBs. Gruden made fun of him every chance he got and Colt took it all in stride. McCoy was quick to admit when he was wrong and what he would have done differently in the situation today. In case you were wondering Colt does not yodel.

Jimmy Clausen - I thought his video was horrible. He was quick to blame his WRs and his coaches for problems he had in games and laughed each time Gruden criticized him. If I'm the Raiders or Bills, I think I'm saving my first round pick and using it on someone a little more mature.

Tim Tebow - I've been very vocal about my dislike for Tebow, but I thought he was very quick to answer questions and was adamant about his desire to play QB even though Gruden continually mentioned how he could play FB because of his style in college.

CJ Spiller - Gruden really drills CJ about being tough, and the need to play through pain. ESPN, can we please get more Gruden TV spots like this?

Earl Thomas - Thomas seems like a really down to earth guy and Gruden didn’t have a ton of negative things to say about him. Thomas looked a little intimidated when Gruden shows the video of some of his weightlifting sessions but other than that I love this guy.