During a radio broadcast on 97.5 in Philadelphia DeSean Jackson said "It was time for a change," according to the Philadelphia Daily News. "We've got some young players here. I'm just excited about everything."

Jackson's radio hosts gave him a chance to retract the words. He didn't back down:

"At the end of the day, I'm not the owner. Obviously, that's not just my opinion. [But] I'm not going to get caught up in saying . . . whatever."

Jackson also told the Phildadelphia Inquirer:

"My first thought was - not to say, "About time" - but just sitting around with just the rumors ? it was just kind of tough for the team. Not knowing who was going to be here and who was going to stay. It's almost kind of a relief to know what we have here and just to go forward."

Jackson rejected a theory that he wanted McNabb Gone.

"I don't know why anybody would think that. Whatever the case was, if McNabb would have stayed another year ? that's not my decision."

What? This is what you say to your QB who is leaving? Something tells me he doesn't have much class in him, or intelligence.  Gracefully say it is sad to say him go, but we are happy with Kevin Kolb and excited for the season.  Do the Eagles not have a PR staff guy writing things for them?  Maybe a public speaking coach?  The Eagles need to get one soon before we get another TO on our hands.

Oh wait, that wasn't the first time he did something like this?

DeSean Jackson isn't the best decision maker.