Gatorade is the third sponsor to drop Tiger Woods.  Apparently it wasn't the fuel that was getting him going during tournaments, so they didn't think they should keep him on as a sponsor.  AT&T (No idea he was a sponsor) and Accenture also dropped him as their sponsors.

I got all the "aid" I needed last night

Chances are Nike isn't going to drop him.  And he will pick up more sponsors when he comes back.  However fitting Trojans and Captain Morgan would be, I don't think those are the sponsors he will be picking up.  Tiger chooses his sponsors carefully, and he will be a steal when he comes back to the game.  Oh, and he might screw over Gatorade for dropping him, just like he did Accenture.  Powerade? Vitaminwater?   Just don't expect him back on board with Gatorade.  I think Tiger holds grudges.