Goodbye Sunny LA, Hello Cloudy Seattle

What?!!? Pete Carroll is leaving USC? Why the hell would he do that? Well his rumored contract is $35 Million Dollars over the next 7 years. That might be why.

Carroll has had an a great nine year run with the USC Trojans. He was 97-19 as their head coach, with two national championships, seven straight Pac-10 titles, and 3 Heisman trophy winners.

But Still why would he want to leave? He already made a ton of money, and he was on top of the NCAA.

This is Carroll's first opportunity to have full control over a team in the NFL. Something he wasn't able to do before as a NFL head coach.

But why now? Carroll is currently one of the top coaches in the NFL, in one of the best places to live, and can get any high school player he wants.

Lack of interest maybe? My guess is USCs athletic department is becoming a little too corrupt. He was probably sick of the ongoing investigations on athletes getting paid / cars and said this is my opportunity to get the hell out of here before it ruins my career.

SUV?  That's my girlfriends, I don't own an SUV.  Nice Try...
SUV? That's my girlfriends, I don't own an SUV. Nice Try...

The Seahawks ended the season on a four-game losing streak to finish 5-11. Their 5 wins came from teams that didn't make the playoffs. Not a very good season. You can see why Seattle wanted Mora out and Carroll in.

Depending on who Carroll drafts, who his free agents are, and who he cuts will determine a lot on how his season goes. He isn't going to do much with the team he has now. How many USC guys will be on his team next year? How many more USC Trojans will declare this year?

I think he will do pretty good as an NFL coach, now that he has final say in all football decisions. It is going to be an interesting offseason!

Oh, and Kirk Ferentz, PLEASE Don't leave Iowa for any NFL or other College jobs!