So the Pro Bowl is today! How exciting! How many people out there are watching? I might flip to it when I am bored. But chances are there is no way I am watching the whole thing. Unless Chad Ochocinco is the kicker, then I am in.

But for the most part the Pro Bowl doesn't even consist of the original pro bowlers. It is back up to the back up pro bowlers because people either don't want to play, to want to get injured, or just don't care. This happened in a ton of positions.

So why even have it? Most people don't care and half the players don't care. I guess it makes some money some how. But if I see someone wearing a pro bowl t shirt, I might want to slap them across the face Sean Connery style.

Ahhh alright so I probably won't slap then, but I will definitely call you a douche bag. Unless you are an NFL player, they get a free pass. But I better not see anyone showing off their Pro Bowl t shirt and brag about how your team won the Pro Bowl, because nobody cares.

Enjoy the Pro Bowl Everybody!