Arizona at New Orleans

The Cardinals are coming off an insane game vs the Green Bay Packers, and the Saints are coming off a bye week. The Big question is are the Saints going to be rusty or are they going to be ready? The Saints won big in their last game, but that was against the Lions, so should we count that as a two week bye? What's the over-under for this game 100 points?

Ryan: Cardinals 38 - Saints 34

Matt: Saints 31 Cardinals 30

Baltimore at Indianapolis

Raheem Morris has sat his starters for the last couple games. They pretty much gave up an undefeated season so they could make sure they weren't injured. Good idea? I don't think so. They haven't had game time speed in a long time. Moral can't be the best, because I know players aren't happy being benched, or losing the chance to make history.

Ryan: Ravens 31 - Colts 27

Matt: Ravens 27 Colts 21

Dallas at Minnesota

What? Dallas won a playoff game? That has to be a fluke.

Dallas has been playing great the last few weeks, and could be ready to take down the aging Favre and the Vikings. The Vikings need to get the Romo, but he usually only takes the 3 second drops. How fast can Jared Allen run in 3 seconds? Pretty damn fast for a DE. I expect the Vikings to keep on rolling, and the Cowboys to pass to Roy Williams one too many times.

Ryan: Vikings 35 - Cowboys 24

Matt: Cowboys 27 Vikings 24

New York Jets at San Diego

Philip Rivers has been lights over the last 11 games of the season. But were the Chargers just in a weak division? Mark Sanchez looked like a veteran last week, and if Braylon Edwards could catch the ball he would be doing even better. LT is getting old, and he has other interests now, like music videos. Shonn Greene is the new up in coming running back, and I expect to see a lot of him this week.

Ryan: Jets 27 - Chargers 24

Matt Chargers 31 Jets 21