So is this guy really that good? Where he can get fired from Oakland, get hired by Tennessee and leave for USC and just about a year?

Here is a short list of what he accomplished as a head coach:

  • Kiffin accused Florida's Urban Meyer of recruiting violations.
  • Tennessee lost to Florida and Alabama. But beat the spread so thats considered good?
  • Tennessee defeats South Carolina 31-13, are the gamecocks even considered good this year?
  • Three freshmen were involved in robbery, 2 kicked off team.
  • Tennessee lost to Virginia Tech in Chick-fil-A Bowl, by a lot.
  • Tennessee faces at least two more violations as the NCAA continues an ongoing inquiry into infractions like the possible misuse of recruiting hostesses and impermissible visits. The Vols committed at least six secondary NCAA violations.

So now Kiffin is the head coach of USC. I think he will fit right in with his hostesses and other violations. USC will not be the same power house that they were with Pete Carroll. Dumb hire by the Trojans. I guess if Monte Kiffin just micro manages, and keeps Lane on a leash, that might be a really good hire.