Well this just seems strange to me. The Colts and the Jets are both selling gear proclaiming to be AFC Conference Championships on their website. Of Course it is only to pre-order, but still. Was this a bold move by the Jets? The Colts followed the Jets, but can you blame them? They want to win too.

I actually like the idea. They are just trying to sell more stuff. Pretty good marketing scheme if you ask me. Because if it wasn't for this who would buy that stuff anyway? Do you really want a shirt or hat saying AFC Champ? I would rather have it be the step above saying Super Bowl Champ. I would probably only buy the shirt if I was at the game.

The Jets are a cocky bunch

But if the Jets lose you better hope that the Jets give refunds and not send out crappy merchandise. Although it would be kind of cool to have a t shirt that was totally wrong. [USA Today]