The news today out of Pittsburgh is that Hines Ward is unlikely to play Thursday, he will be out with a hamstring injury. Is it Ben Roethlisbergers chance to challenge Hines Wards toughness? But how can anyone challenge Wards toughness? You can't.

It's just as ridiculous as Hines challenging Big Ben's toughness. Roethlisberger holds onto the ball longer than almost any quarterback, and he gets hit more than any quarterback and he still shows up every week.

Ward gives out more shots than he takes. He is like the Ray Lewis of WRs. There is no way anyone can challenge his toughness. But he does love his mama.

Here's to hoping Roethlisberger doesn't take a shot at Ward. Even with Ward out the Steelers handle the Browns like they should on Thursday. Although it would be funny to see Big Ben call out Ward.

Hines, I think we all know you can play?
Are you questioning my toughness?