The playoff teams are shaking out as we go into the last week of the season, no surprise who will be in the top spots.

1. Colts 14-1 Sure they lost, but they are still the scariest team to play
2. Chargers 12-3 The Chargers are on fire and I considered putting them #1
3. Saints
I think the Saints peaked too early
4. Cowboys
10-5 They can secure the #2 seed with a win and some help. December troubles?
5. Vikings 11-4
I heard Childress was getting an additional 10 years added onto his contract. Too soon?
6. Eagles 11-4 With all the Vikings and Saints talk the Eagles are flying under the radar. They are getting Westbrook back just at the right time
7. Packers 10-5 If they can protect Rodgers they can WIN the Super Bowl. Yes, you read that right
8. Patriots 10-5
Another team no one is talking about, I don't think anyone wants to play them in the playoffs
9. Cardinals
10-5 If they can continue to run, they could be Super Bowl bound
10. Bengals 10-5 I would be surprised if the starters play more than a quarter this week.
11. Ravens
The normally sure handed Derrick Mason cost them the playoffs last week. I think he'll redeem himself Sunday
12. Broncos
8-7 2-7 in their last 9 games, at least Kansas City is coming to town
13. Jets
8-7 Rex Ryan will never get a better christmas present than he did last week.
14. Steelers 8-7 Hey Lamar Woodley, if you hadn't lost to the Chiefs, Browns and Raiders you wouldn't need help to get in the playoffs.
15. Dolphins
If they get a #1 WR they will be scary next year, Chad Henne has progressed well this season
16. Texans
8-7 Andre Johnson is good. Really good. Too bad it seems like no one else cares.
17. Jaguars 7-8
I hate to say it but they need to draft Tebow to get some fans in the stadium.
18. Falcons 8-7 Injuries hurt a lot this year, but all the extra game film on Matt Ryan didn't help them either
19. Giants 8-7
What an embarassing performance last week. They really miss Steve Spagnulo
20. Titans 7-8
Chris Johnson might run the ball 50 times if that's what it takes to get him to 2,000 yards
21. 49ers 7-8
Run the ball with Frank Gore if you want a chance to win.
22. Panthers 7-8
Is there a better 2 headed monster in the league? I don't think it's even close right now.
23. Bears 6-9
The Bears have a lot of good young receivers. As a Vikings fan, that scares me.
24. Bills 5-10
What happened to Marshawn Lynch?
25. Redskins
All I can think about is the fake field goal against the Giants.
26. Bucs 3-12
Cadillac Williams looks like he's back and the Bucs are playing inspired
27. Raiders 5-10
Tom Cable is almost guaranteed to be fired, but I think he did a good job with the terrible team he had
28. Chiefs 3-12
How many more wins would they have if they started Jamaal Charles from week 1?
29. Browns 4-11 Jerome Harrison has 71 carries the past 2 weeks
30. Seahawks
5-10 Ignore the record, the Seahawks couldn't beat the Rams right now
31. Lions 2-13 With some veteran leadership this team could win 6 games next year
32. Rams 1-14 With the number 1 pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select - Ndamukong Sub, Nebraska