JaMarcus Russell spoke to the Oakland media today for the first time since being replaced by Bruce Gradkowski, as odd as it may seem, Russell didn't sound like a changed man.

When asked about the possibility of reworking his contract, JaMarcus said, ""Oh, no. That's over and done with. I don't even consider that as a part of it." Russell admitted he was embarrassed by the benching but refused to give Gradkowski any credit for the team's success. JaMarcus said, "Now it's just all around. Guys are just making plays around him. In the Dallas game after you go out and win in Cincinnati there weren't plays really made the whole game, you know what I mean."

When asked to grade his performance this year Russell said, "Uh, kind of hard because there was times where you try to get guys a chance to make plays and at the early part of the year, it wasn't happening. So the quarterback job, I say he looks for more help around from everybody because he can't do it himself. It wasn't so well, but at times it was. When we look at film, it don't be as bad as it seems on the field always."

So, basically, it's not about the quarterback. It's about the receivers.

It doesn't appear that Russell's benching has snapped him out of whatever world he's living in. But he promises a different player when he gets back on the field.

"A totally different JaMarcus. People going to have their opinion, and I really don't pay too much attention to that. I worry about JaMarcus and JaMarcus only."

Really JaMarcus? You sound like the most selfish player in NFL history, I would put you up there with the likes of Terrell Owens when it comes to your opinion of yourself, although Terrell Owens is/was actually a great player, whereas you're just terrible. One thing I can't say about you is that you're an idiot, you're at least smart enough to keep cashing your huge paychecks.