Hey look the power rankings are out, and they are on time! Holy shit, it's like I am being productive or something.

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1. Colts 10-0 Insert coach Here, Insert Wide Receiver Here. Insert Undefeated season here. Didn't expect them to be this good.
2. Saints 10-0 Weird, the Top 3 teams have MVP quarterback?Coincidence? I think not.
3. Vikings 9-1 Favre is the MVP this season, hands down, no doubts about it, I hope he at least ponders coming back next year.
4. Patriots 7-3
The Patriots are good, and should probably win their division. Even if they make questionable decisions during games.
5. Cardinals
7-3 Warner was lights out in the first half of the game, and he got his lights knocked out in the 2nd half of the game.
6. Chargers 7-3 So the Chargers are now the team to beat in the AFC West. That could probably change again before the year end.
7. Bengals
7-3 Everyone in the division lost this week so the Bengals are still on top. In their defense, JaMarcus Russell wasn't playing.
8. Eagles 6-4 Vick broke off his first big run of the season, you might see him being used a little more with Westbrook out.
9. Steelers
6-4 Big Ben got a concussion, probably will play this week. He might be a little bit cautious when he comes back.
10. Cowboys 7-3 The Cowboys played pretty terrible this week. Maybe they should throw Witten the ball more.
11. Packers 6-4 Too bad two of the Packers best defensive players just went on the IR. They could have made a run for the playoffs.
12. Dolphins
5-5 No Ronnie Brown? No problem. Ricky Williams took over the game this week. And I expect him to do the same this week.
13. Giants 6-4 The Giants finally got the monkey of their back. They really needed to get out of their losing streak.
14. Ravens
5-5 The Ravens had a Lot of Field Goals in this game, maybe they need to work a little bit on handing the ball off to Ray Rice
15. Falcons
5-5 The Falcons lost a close one. Maybe they shouldn't have crowned Matt Ryan so early?
16. Jaguars 6-4
The Jags win whenever Mike Sims Walker has a good game. As does my Fantasy football team.
17. Titans 4-6 Vince Young has energized this team, and the fans, and the refs. High Fives all around!
18. Broncos 6-4 The Broncos are horrible without Kyle Orton. How many Broncos fans thought that would be the case this year?
19. Texans 5-5 The Texans came up short vs the Titans. But Vince Young high fived Kris Brown and told him to shake it off.
20. 49ers
4-6 Are the Niners cursed with Crabtree? Probably not. But they just need to do their 2nd half adjustments in the first half.
21. Bears
4-6 So is Jay Cutler really this terrible or is it all on his wide receivers. I am leaning towards Cutler.
22. Jets 4-6 The Jets haven't been the same since Mark Sanchez can't throw dump off passes to his Leon Washington.
23. Panthers
4-6 Maybe they should try running the ball more than 13 times with DeAngelo Williams. Maybe? Just give it a try?
24. Chiefs 3-7 Jamal Charles is proving that he should be the starting RB. He is getting it done for KC. Something LJ couldn't Do.
25. Raiders 3-7 The Raiders pulled off an upset with Bruce Gradkowski as their QB. Just think how good they would have been if they would have started him since the beginning of the year.
26. Redskins
3-7 If Clinton was running horrible for the Skins, and Rock Cartwright is doing Good. What does that say about Portis?
27. Seahawks
3-7 We all know TJ Houshmandzadeh is kicking himself for not signing a contract for the Vikings. Even though he denies it.
28. Bills
3-7 T.O. got his touches this game. But the Jags were to much to handle. Maybe if they had a coach they could have won.
29. Lions
2-8 The Lions showed off some of their potential in their close win vs the Browns. They could have a really explosive offense.
30. Rams 1-9 The Rams almost came back vs Matt Leinart. If only they played against him the entire game.
31. Bucs
1-9 I see some sparks in the Bucs offense, Josh Freeman will hopefully progress and get better. He has talent.
32. Browns 1-9 The Browns were in a shoot out vs the Lions, must see TV. Two statements I never thought I would ever say.

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