Hey look the power rankings are out, and they are late again. At least I started them on time.

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1. Colts 9-0 They have Peyton Manning
2. Saints 9-0 The Saints find a way to win each week, but they nearly lost to the St. Louis Rams. They could beat the Bucs by 40 this week or they could lose.
3. Vikings 8-1 Sidney Rice looked like Condoleeza Rice before Favre came into town, now he's looking like Jerry Rice.
4. Bengals 7-2
The Benson injury may turn out to be good for the Bengals with 3 atrocious teams coming up, even with just 7 carries last week Benson still leads the league in attempts.
5. Patriots
6-3 The Patriots had a crappy call, my guess is he saw the Iowa game and said I am risking it, can't play too conservative.
6. Cardinals 6-3 Kurt Warner and Co are playing at a high level, if they keep it up they could go far in the playoffs. Again.
7. Chargers
6-3 The Chargers play the Broncos, this game could determine a lot for the division. Since the other two teams suck.
8. Steelers 6-3 I knew the Steelers weren't the bet team in their division. But I always thought it would be the Ravens, not the Bengals.
9. Cowboys
6-3 Just throw the Ball to Witten Damnit, he has sucked all year for Fantasy Football. Give Witten the Damn Ball. I miss TO.
10. Eagles 5-4 Westbrook is done, so there goes 50% of reliable offense for the Eagles, Can't always count on a rookie.
11. Falcons 5-4 The Falcons lost to Carolina. I called it. They could use another bye week to heal up.
12. Broncos 6-3 Orton is out, so the broncos are pretty screwed vs the Chargers. Wow never thought I would say that.
13. Ravens 5-4 I really want the Ravens to figure things out and starting playing dominant again. Rice Rice baby, that's all you need.
14. Packers
5-4 The Packers are starting to figure things out and are really playing well. But HA you still lost to the Vikings Twice!
15. Texans
5-4 Texans are in the race for the wildcard. If only their defense didn't blow. Come on Dunta, get Paid.
16. Dolphins 4-5
The Fins lost Ronnie Brown for the season, that is a hard blow, now they will probably have to play normal football.
17. Titans 3-6 Colin Cowherd called this a crappy game this week. But Titans vs Texans could mean a lot for the playoffs. Idiot.
18. 49ers 4-5 The 49ers could still pull some magic out of their ass and win the division. It will take a lot of Magic.
19. Panthers 4-5 The Panthers look like a competitive team again. Early games are always rough though. But they should win.
20. Giants
5-4 The Giants have lost 4 in a row. They have so much talent, but keep falling short. Maybe a Plaxico could have put them over the top. They really shot themselves in the foot, or leg?
21. Jaguars 5-4 How are the Jags 5-4? They are horrible. Just ride your win streak and hand MJD the ball.
22. Jets 4-5 If the Jets lose this game they can kiss any playoff hope goodbye. Prepare for Next Year!
23. Bears
4-5 Cutler is trying to do way to much with way to little. Who is a free agent WR next year that wants a pro bowl QB?
24. Redskins 3-6 I have no idea how the Redskins won another game. Zorn magic perhaps?
25. Seahawks 3-6 The Seahawks aren't playing the best football out there, they need a line and they need a solid RB.
26. Chiefs
2-7 Dwayne Bowe is banned for 4 games due to issues with the substance abuse. This is why Chris Chambers came to KC.
27. Bills 3-6 Jauron out, who;s next? I call for Marty Ball in Buffalo. He would kill it with Fred Jackson at RB.
28. Bucs
1-8 The Bucs aren't looking so terrible anymore, they kept it close with he dolphins. Maybe Freeman was the answer.
29. Rams
1-8 Steven Jackson is a horse in football pads, he is a machine, and I think the coaches are finally figuring that out.
30. Raiders 2-7 The Raiders are finally benching Russell. He is not a good QB, maybe try moving him to full back or wildcat?
31. Lions
1-8 The Lions gave a good effort vs the Vikings, they were one big play away from winning. They could be scary next year.
32. Browns 1-8 The Browns should just give up on their QBs, and Mangini, maybe just start fresh.

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