I have a 10 minute drive in the morning. 20 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes after work. That is more than enough time to get some good sports talk radio in.

I think I have a love hate relationship with ESPN Radio. For the most part I like the content on ESPN Radio, I just can't stand the format. I'm not really an ESPN hater, I go there multiple times everyday. I just can't stand the crazy amount of commercials they play on the Radio.

The content for the most part is either funny or knowledgeable, but I hate three things about ESPN Radio - Constant homer-ism, Bashing the Big 10, and More commercials than the actual broadcast. I can live with the first two, but the commercials are just annoying.


I first got a teaser from Colin Cowherd when I got in the car. That's fine I am used to that. I then switched between 5 minutes worth of pointless commercials, and 5 minutes of Rome, which depending on the day, could also be pointless. Then finally The Herd comes back on. All he did was repeat his same teaser, and he said said"we'll be back in 90 seconds."


Colin Cowherd had a 20 second segment yesterday between commercials.I understand the concept of a teaser, but this is just outrageous. I listened to close to 10 minutes of Commercials and I didn't get a single bit of actual sports talk radio.

They actually charge money to download an iPhone app for this crap. $2.99. Get all the commercials you can listen to for only 2.99. Sweet Deal.

They also market that you can download podcasts from this great App, well you can download them off iTunes for free.

The only Sports talk show I can recommend is the Dan Patrick Show, there aren't that many commercials on there, great content, and he has a free iPhone app. Plus he is pretty much better than all the shows on ESPN Radio.

So no more talk ESPN talk radio for me, I am going to stick with downloading podcasts, and listening fast-forwarding through the 1 minute commercial in the introduction.