Would you rather be tackled by Ray Lewis or attempt to tackle Brandon Jacobs?

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis is just freaking scary. He laid Sproles out this year, just took his head off. I would be terrified to touch the football when Ray Lewis is on the field. I would probably just run the other direction. Although if I could get tackled by anyone in the NFL, Ray Lewis would be at the top of the list. He puts so much passion into the game it is crazy, and he takes pride in knocking people out of the game.

Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs might be one of the hardest hitting offensive players. He is the size of Ray Lewis, and he loves to put the hurt on people. When I talk about tackling Brandon Jacobs, I mean a chest high, good Mechanics tackle, no diving at his knees or ankles. You have to take him on like a man. I think he would plow through anyone like nothing. I would probably run at him and freeze right before I tried to tackle him. And then just die.
So what would be the best to do? Get tackled by Ray Lewis or try to tackle Brandon Jacobs?