The Power rankings are out, just a little bit late. There has been some shifting in the middle of the field, but not to much movement near the top or the bottom.

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1. Saints 6-0 The Saints are proving they are a great team, not just on offense but on defense. They are my favorite to win it all.
2. Colts 6-0 When Donald Brown gets healthy they really need to use him more. He breaks a huge run or pass every game.
2. Broncos 6-0 The Broncos had a bye last week. Which hopefully Marshall and McDaniels hugged more and worked things out.
4. Vikings
6-1 Brett Favrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre to is going back to Packer-land. Expect a huge game in the Frozen Tundra of Green Bay.
5. Patriots 5-2 The Patriots beat the bucks, no big surprise here. They are on bye this week, and will probably comeback charging.
6. Bengals 5-2 Carson Palmer is a TD throwing machine. He had a great game, and when he does good, the Bengals do good.
7. Steelers
5-2 The Steelers beat the Vikings at home. I still have my doubts about them, or maybe I just want the Bengals to do good.
8. Cardinals
4-2 The Cardinals are road warriors. Beating the Giants at om
9. Eagles
4-2 The Eagles bounced back this week vs the terrible Redskins. Get DeSean Jackson the ball more, he is crazy good.
10. Giants 5-2 The Giants lost at home to a pretty good Cardinals team. They have a little work to do, but should get right back on track.
11. Ravens 3-3 The Ravens had a bye this week after a tough loss to the Vikings. Watch out for Ray Rice in the upcoming weeks.
12. Cowboys 4-2 The Cowboys are starting to look legit. They are finally starting to get things moving, but get Jason Witten the ball damn it!
13. Packers
4-2 Brett Favre comes home to Green Bay this week. Will it be cheers or jeers? My guess is he gets more of an applause than Aaron Rodgers does.
14. Falcons
4-2 The Falcons lost to the Cowboys this week. I don't know if that means the Cowboys are for real or the Falcons aren't for real.
15. Jets
Leon Washington is out for the year, which is bad news. Expect Sanchez to pass less and Shonn Greene to run more.
16. Texans
4-3 The Texans don't have a defense. Their offense will keep them in games, but their offense can't always win it for them.
17. Dolphins 2-4 The Dolphins were in the game with the Saints the entire time. They can compete with any team in the NFL.
18. Chargers 3-3 I was wrong about the Chargers, they still have something left in them. Too bad, that means they still have Norv Turner.
19. 49ers 3-3 Alex Smith is the new starting QB for the 49ers. They must be pretty desperate to get their offense going.
20. Bears 3-3 Cutler fell apart last week, good thing he still has to work for his big contract. Oh wait?.
21. Seahawks 2-4 The Seahawks lost Walter Jones for the year. That is a huge hit for the running game, passing game, and their hopes.
22. Jaguars 3-3 The jags had a bye last week. They need to figure out how to play consistently. Wonder what team we will see this week?
23. Bills 3-4 The Bills defense won them the game. Or did Delhomme win them the game. Either way, Bills won!
24. Panthers
2-4 Delhomme is still the starter for the Panthers. He can redeem himself this week against the Cardinals. The team that he fell apart against last year, and never recovered.
25. Raiders 2-5 The Raiders finally listened to me and benched JaMarcus Russell. Only problem is they don't have Jeff Garcia anymore.
26.Chiefs 1-6 Larry Johnson just got suspended for saying gay slurs on twitter. I actually think this is a good thing for the Chiefs.
27. Redskins 2-5 I don't really know what to say about the Redskins, they are horrible. They have a bingo caller calling the plays.
28. Lions
1-5 The Lions had a well needed by last week. They really needed to heal up, especially at QB.
29. Browns 1-6 The Browns should probably be at the bottom of the Power rankings, but they won a game. So they are lucky.
30. Bucs 0-7 Josh Freeman is the new starting QB for the Bucs. What will happen after he sucks it up at QB? Sam Bradford?
31. Titans
0-6 The Titans are going to start Vince Young? I don't really know if he is the answer. But maybe he cans till run the option.
32. Rams 0-7 Why don't the Rams just give the ball to S-Jax out of the wild cat the entire game? Just feed him the rock.

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